New Release: The More Than 52 Churches Workbook

New Release: The More Than 52 Churches Workbook

What could your church do better? What does it do well? Are you sure?

It’s time to put thoughts into action. This workbook will guide you—if you dare let it. Join church advocate Peter DeHaan, PhD, on a journey of self-discovery to pursue a meaningful spiritual community and help move faith from theory into conduct.

Consider 175 thought-provoking questions in The More Than 52 Churches Workbook to propel your practices forward. Discover how to reform your church community and inform your spiritual journey:

  • Explore the diversity of Jesus’s church and your essential role in it.
  • Expand your perspectives of worshiping God and serving Jesus.
  • Extend your faith practices to embrace a more holistic perspective of what it means to truly follow Jesus.
  • Move from spiritually passive to practical.
  • Transform from self-satisfied to self-sacrificing.

Casual Christians need not apply.

More Than 52 Churches gave us more faith communities to consider and more faith practices to ponder. The More Than 52 Churches Workbook builds on that foundation to deliver gentle, but challenging, questions to turn stimulating ideas into life-altering change.

The More Than 52 Churches Workbook is the perfect companion for More Than 52 Churches, but it also works great as a standalone book for those who haven’t yet read More Than 52 Churches.

If you feel it’s time to move from the sidelines and get into the game, The More Than 52 Churches Workbook presents the game plan to get you there.

Buy The More Than 52 Churches Workbook to guide you and your church into becoming a spiritual community that makes a difference.


Peter DeHaan writes about biblical Christianity to confront status quo religion and live a life that matters. He seeks a fresh approach to following Jesus through the lens of Scripture, without the baggage of made-up traditions and meaningless practices.

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