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Heroes and Heavies of the Apocrypha: Discover Life-Changing Spiritual Insights from 100 Intriguing Characters (ebook)

Heroes and Heavies of the Apocrypha: Discover Life-Changing Spiritual Insights from 100 Intriguing Characters (ebook)

Embrace the Apocrypha for a deeper understanding of faith and life.

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Do you know what's missing from your Bible? 

The Apocrypha: a collection of books that were once considered Holy Scripture but have since been removed from most of today’s Bibles. But these books were part of the original King James Version, as well as the Septuagint, which Jesus quoted and New Testament writers cited.

So why not embrace these books too?

Join life-long student of the Bible Peter DeHaan as he delves into the forgotten world of the Apocrypha. Explore its colorful characters, their captivating stories, and profound spiritual lessons.

From the exploits of the Maccabees and the heroic deeds of Tobit to the bravery of Judith and the wisdom of Sirach—and many more—each of these intriguing individuals offers a unique perspective on faith and life.Written in a clear and accessible style, Heroes and Heavies of the Apocrypha invites readers to embrace the fullness of Scripture and discover fresh truths from these often-overlooked texts.

Whether you are a newcomer to the Apocrypha or familiar with it, this book is sure to deepen your understanding of these fascinating characters and their stories.

Grow your appreciation for the richness and diversity of the Biblical narrative. Discover the hidden gems of the Apocrypha and unlock a new dimension of spiritual insight.

Are you ready to broaden your understanding of God's Word?

Embark on your journey of discovery today.

Get Heroes and Heavies of the Apocrypha.



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Tobit is from the tribe of Naphtali. When Assyria defeats Israel, they deport many of the people. Tobit ends up in the city of Nineveh. Tobit is a key character and the author of this book, which is named after him. Yet the account primarily revolves around the adventures of his son Tobias.

At the request of his father, Tobias travels to a distant city to collect some silver his dad put on deposit with a relative. Tobias travels with a hired companion to guide him.

Their journey is an epic adventure. Not only do they successfully retrieve the silver, but Tobias gets married along the way, defeats a demon, and brings his bride home.

He also has something special for his father.
Chapter 1: Tobit

Tobit is a righteous man. He follows the tithes Moses prescribed and goes to Jerusalem to worship as the law commands. He does this even though the other people from his tribe of Naphtali and the rest of Israel do not.

When Assyria conquers Israel, they deport many of the people. This includes Tobit. He ends up in Nineveh, where he works on behalf of King Shalmaneser. He continues to give food to the hungry and clothes to those in need. In secret, he also respectfully buries any of his fellow Jews when they are murdered.

When his covert activities become known, he flees for his life. All his possessions and wealth are seized. Later, his nephew works on his behalf to allow him to return, restoring his wife and son—Anna and Tobias—to him. But his confiscated property is not returned. He has nothing. He is now poor.

Despite all that’s happened, Tobit continues to bury his fellow Jews who have been murdered. He does this even though his neighbors mock him for it. Soon after this, he becomes blind. Despondent, he wants to die. He prays God will take him, freeing him from the torment of life to bring him into eternity.

Tobit gives final instructions to his son Tobias, encouraging him to live a righteous life, help those in need, and marry a woman from among their people. He also tells Tobias about 570 pounds of silver he entrusted to their relative Gabael and tells his son to travel there to reclaim it.

Tobit gives his son a receipt for the silver. He arranges for Azariah to travel with Tobias as a guide and implicitly for protection, because the road is dangerous.

What can we do to help the poor like Tobit did? When we have little to give, are we willing to share a portion of it with those in need?

[Read about Tobit in Tobit 1:3–9 and Tobit 3:1–6. Discover more about helping others in Deuteronomy 26:12.]

Meet Author Peter DeHaan

Peter DeHaan, PhD, often makes religious people squirm, but spiritual seekers cheer. He’s not trying to be provocative, but he seeks truth, even if it makes some people uncomfortable. He yearns for Christians to push past the status quo and reconsider how they practice their faith in every area of their lives.

Peter earned his doctorate, awarded with high distinction, from Trinity College of the Bible and Theological Seminary. He lives with his wife in beautiful Southwest Michigan and wrangles crossword puzzles in his spare time.

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