How Big is Your Tent? A Call for Christian Unity, Tolerance, and Love (ebook)

How Big is Your Tent? A Call for Christian Unity, Tolerance, and Love (ebook)

Discover the shocking truth about the Bible says to become a Christian.

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Who’s welcome in your spiritual tent? Who’s not?

In matters of faith, who’s in? Who’s out? Do your answers please God?

In How Big Is Your Tent? Bible scholar and church-reform advocate Peter DeHaan, PhD, reveals the shocking truth about Christian unity, tolerance, and love that too many people get wrong.

Some isolate themselves and shut their tent up tight. While others blow open the sides and claim that any path is good. What’s the middle ground look like for the ideal tent?

In this concise, easy-to-read book, you’ll discover:

  • The last thing Jesus prayed in his final prayer and why it matters so much
  • The key element of our faith foundation
  • What the Bible doesn’t say about salvation and what many people get wrong
  • The essential requirement that we must all do
  • Who we should welcome into our tent and how to treat them

Learn why making up your own religion won’t work—even though that’s exactly what most people try to do today. We can’t make God in our image and expect that approach to work.

The Bible gives us the answers, but most people miss them. And too many clergy spout manmade ideas that miss the mark. It’s time to uncover the truth from a biblical perspective.

Answer the call for Christian unity, tolerance, and love. And that will make for a most glorious tent.

Get your copy of How Big is Your Tent? today and embrace faith just as Jesus prayed you would.


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This is a book I never wanted to write.

Well, that’s not entirely true.
I’ve wanted to write it for quite some time.
I’ve been contemplating these ideas for several years.

It’s just that I don’t want anyone to read it.

I fear no one’s going to like what I say.

Friends may say I’ve gone too far.

They’ll claim I’ve cast too big of a faith net, I’ve painted theology with too broad of a brush, and I’ve embraced as “one” a spiritual population too diverse.

Everyone else will vilify me for being narrow-minded.

They’ll criticize me for advocating an exclusive worldview that pushes serious faith seekers of diverse perspectives to the outside.

But I hope I’m wrong. Let’s see.

Meet Author Peter DeHaan

Peter DeHaan, PhD, often makes religious people squirm, but spiritual seekers cheer. He’s not trying to be provocative, but he seeks truth, even if it makes some people uncomfortable. He yearns for Christians to push past the status quo and reconsider how they practice their faith in every area of their lives.

Peter earned his doctorate, awarded with high distinction, from Trinity College of the Bible and Theological Seminary. He lives with his wife in beautiful Southwest Michigan and wrangles crossword puzzles in his spare time.

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